Credentials and Experience

  • 2+ years experience as a Veterinary Technician
  • American Red Cross Canine First Aid/CPR certified
  • Dog grooming experience
  • 20 years dog training experience
  • Over 8 years teaching experience
  • Multiple titles earned on my own dogs
  • Worked with many different breeds of dogs
  • References Available
  • Fully Insured
My Journey With the Dogs

My love for dogs became apparent when I was very young.  For as long as I
can remember, I was begging my parents for a dog.  I used to take the
neighborhood dogs for walks and train them.  I volunteered at shelters and
participated in the Veterinary Explorers program, just so that I could be closer
to animals.

At the age of twelve, I finally convinced my parents to allow me to have a
dog.  Late in February, I brought home Max, an Old World German
Shepherd puppy.  Max grew to become a gorgeous dog; plush-coated,
large-boned, and huge.  During his prime, Max was about 110 pounds.  I
joined the 4H dog program shortly after getting Max.  At our first fair we won
our class and the Grand Champion Ribbon.  Meanwhile I decided that I
wanted to do more than just 4H, so I began taking classes from Paul and
Alice Howe in Rochester, MN.  We competed in our first AKC (American
Kennel Club) obedience trial when Max was under two years old.  He
qualified the first three times out in the Novice ring, earning his CD
(Companion Dog Title) just shy of two years old.  I was thirteen years old and
hooked for life.
We started training for our CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), but life intervened and I fell out of the obedience
world.  Out on my own a few years later, I longed to get back into training and obedience.  In the fall of 2001 I
brought home Tucker, a golden retriever puppy.  It is because of Tucker and some great trainers that I find myself
where I stand today.
Tucker has accomplished many great things, earning his CD at
the age of two, his CDX a couple of years later, and multiple
titles for agility, including his master AKC agility titles and
several elite NADAC agility titles.  He also earned one leg of
his Utility Dog titles, which is the highest level of AKC
Obedience, but due to health issues Tucker had to be retired.  
Tucker is a Canine Good Citizen and an active therapy dog
registered with Therapy Dogs International.

I was having so much fun with Tucker that I decided that I
needed another one, so in September of 2005, I brought home
Toby, a little golden spitfire.  I continued my training with him,
and in December of 2007, added yet another dog to our
household.  Kaleigh is a smooth border collie rescue.  Each
one of my dogs has provided me with a completely different set
of challenges, and each time I conquer one, I become a better
dog trainer.

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My Dogs page to learn more about my wonderful
furry family!
Titles Earned
Misc. Titles:
Canine Good Citizen
Therapy Dog
Senior Jumper - Regional (Dock Dogs)
WC (Field Title)

American Kennel Club Titles:
Beginner Novice
Companion Dog
Companion Dog Excellent
Utility Dog
Utility Dog Excellent
Obedience Master 1
, 2, & 3
Rally Novice
Rally Advanced
Rally Excellent
Rally Advanced Excellent
Novice Agility
Novice Agility Jumpers
Novice Fast
Open Agility
Open Agility Jumpers
Open Fast
Agility Excellent
Agility Excellent Jumpers
Agility Excellent Fast
Master Agility
Master Agility Jumpers

Various Agility titles in
When I started training dogs over 15 years ago, choke chains were commonly
used.  I felt so bad for my first dog as I popped him over and over.  He did well
in obedience, but I think he could have been a lot happier; I just didn't know any
other way.

Slowly I started learning about positive training.  I began to incorporate treats
and play into my training sessions and saw great attitude improvements in the
dogs.  I started educating myself about positive reinforcement and marking
correct behaviors, and when I got my third obedience dog I started clicker
training with him as a puppy.

I was so impressed by his work ethic that I started using these positive methods
with my students.  It was great to see happy confident dogs without the use of
choke collars or punishment.  Over the past few years I have attended
seminars, read books, joined e-mail groups, and have learned so much about
positive training that I now use it in each area of dog training.  I've learned how
correcting a dog can stress it out and make the dog's behavior worse.

Both of my competition dogs are super happy and very well-behaved.  My
younger golden has the best work ethic and is a phenominal performance dog.  
I've also used positive methods to train my rescue Border Collie, who was
terrified of her own shadow when we got her.  She is now a very happy
confident little girl.

I have seen the results of positive methods in my own dogs and my student's
dogs.  For that reason, I will never return to choke chains or punishment
My Training Methods
TerDann's Maxwell Von Flynn
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